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Directions Credit Union's FoolProof programs are composed of highly interactive, self-grading lessons called "modules." The modules teach about money, financial responsibility and the realities of the free enterprise system. The FoolProof programs are aligned to the Ohio Personal Finance Standards.

FoolProof is free of charge. You can use one module or you can use the entire curriculum.

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Straight Answers: Advocacy, Not Propaganda

Everything here is developed by consumer advocates, not marketers.

FoolProof's programs and websites take a tougher stance than many other programs.

For instance, many programs developed by financial institutions either put forth the agenda of those institutions or neglect to cover important topics that might conflict with the institutions' goals.

A perfect example is the way virtually all financial literacy programs associated with financial institutions present credit cards. The programs normally don't say the most important thing about credit cards: you should always try to pay off your card balance in full every month. A credit card company can't say that message strongly and clearly. The card companies would go broke if all their customers actually paid off their balances.

That's why credit card companies—including those from banks and credit unions—push all consumers to charge more than we can afford to pay off every month. The companies want us to finance our purchases.

But what's good for the company in this instance isn't good for you, your kids or students.

Sample A Few Of 150+ Videos From The Modules

FoolProof's modular programs are video driven and highly interactive. Young people do all the teaching.


Only idiots automatically believe marketing and advertising!


Buy these jeans now!


Work less, make more!


This will be you if you do not learn budgeting and saving skills.


The interview: spending journal.


Watch your back!


Girl shows guy how to buy a car.


Debt is what you get with a
credit card.


Work harder, make less!


Your first month on your own.


The result of wasting money?
Extra work!


Day 1 on the job!


Do your homework.


Look at how much money you wasted!