Tips to Protect Your Personal and Financial Privacy

Your personal information, financial information, privacy, and online security is under attack on a daily basis by scams (emails, letters, phone calls), data breaches, social media scams, online & offline tracking, and many other threats. This means that you have to be vigilant and take ongoing steps to protect yourself and your information. The resources below will help you.

The FoolProof Privacy Rights guide has lots of resources to help. Additional resources include the following Remar's Reports and Drew's News articles.

Remar's Reports

What's the Catch? Five Popular "Offers" to Beware

Heartbleed Won't Be the Last! Tips for Staying Safe Online

Don't Like Being Tracked Online? Here's What to Do

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Don't Let These Scams Steal Your Personal Financial Information

Are You Protecting Your Personal Financial Information?

Drew's News

What Do You Need to Know About Data Breaches?

1.2 Billion Passwords Stolen! What Should You Do?

Concerned About Online Tracking? You're Tracked Offline Too

Facebook Ad Policy is Changing. Is It Good or Bad? It Depends.

Beware of Scams That Follow Data Breach Reports

Beware of Extensive Phone Fraud Scam Targeting Taxpayers

Do You Know How Much Data is Being Collected About You Online?

Beware of Utility Billing Scams

Additional resources

Consumer Reports has a Guide to Internet Security with tips and advice to help you stay safe on the Web. It has lots of information about protecting your personal information, malware, privacy, social networks, identity theft, and personal finance.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has fact sheets on many privacy topics including identity theft & data breaches, and online privacy & technology. has lots of information to help you avoid scams, protect kids online, be smart online and secure your computer.

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