Financial Planning for Present and Future

Financial Planning for Present and Future

FinancialSound financial planning creates the foundation for personal and family prosperity and peace of mind. Few of us, however, have received any formal training in the basics of financial planning. It's never too soon or too late to get started.

Financial planning is a hot topic on the Internet. You'll find literally thousands of websites doing everything from hyping their often overpriced or useless "services" to providing genuinely useful and accurate information. Those we recommend are by no means the only sites with reliable, useful info—but they offer a great place to start and meet FoolProof News & Guides's tough standards for sound, no-hype consumer information.

Online Resources on the Basics of Financial Planning

These websites represent a few of the best information sources to help you increase your knowledge of the basics of Financial Planning. (You'll find additional topic-specific resources in our sections on Retirement, Insurance, and Estate Planning.)

Working with a Financial Planning Professional On Your Retirement Plan

This section of the  Retirement Guide provide an overview of professional financial planning services and helpful information for deciding what's right for you.

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Online Resources on the Basics of Financial Planning

Couple_LaughingThe best foundation for personal financial planning is having an overview of the process and understanding how the important components in financial planning work together—cash flow management, income tax planning, risk management planning (insurance), investment planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. The following resources provide an excellent place to start.

Money Essentials from Money Magazine offers 23 ten-minute lessons in a variety of topics related to financial planning. Though they are not organized in a coordinated "course", each lesson provides clear, useful discussion. CNN Money does have advertisements but the information is sound and without hype.

The Retirement Planning and Money sections of the AARP site provide excellent topic articles in planning for adults of all ages. Though the site is strong in retirement and estate planning, the articles cover all aspects.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards site Let's Make a Plan provides resources in the Learning Center and Your Financial Roadmap on the basics of financial planning, particularly about working with a financial planner.'s Money section offers booklets and articles on money, credit, investing and saving, and retirement planning produced by a variety of government agencies. Read them online for free or order hard copies.

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