Will You Make These Money Mistakes?

You would never deliberately throw away money, right? But most of us do, without even thinking. Ask yourself if you fall for these money traps.

  • Do you pay full price, regardless of service or quality? If you've received poor service or a poor product, do you ask for your money back? Be specific in your complaint, and make sure you're right, but always ask. Virtually all restaurants will adjust your bill if you have a sincere complaint, and businesses from airlines to rental car companies will, at the very least, give you perks for your trouble.

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Under 30? Got Health Insurance Yet?

You’ve seen all the publicity on “Obamacare,” right? If you think The Affordable Care Act—the official name—isn’t about you, you’re wrong.

Even if you are the healthiest young person in the world, the law now requires that you must have “minimum essential” health insurance coverage.

Deadline approaching: You have to be enrolled in an approved insurance plan by March 31, 2014. If you don’t have coverage, and don’t have the right excuse for not having that coverage, you will have to pay a tax penalty.

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Thousand-Dollar Money Mistakes: How to Prevent Them

We've been looking at the ways young people waste the most money without knowing it—at least a thousand dollars—and guess what? There are tons of ways, which is pretty scary! Here's a look at the most common disaster spots for your wallet.

Using a debit or credit card for minor purchases.Have you ever gone into a store to buy a bottle of pop and ended up spending ten bucks rather than two bucks because the store has a “minimum” purchase requirement for using a card? You know, you just start grabbing things, whether you really need them or not. Studies show we spend around eight bucks more when we charge small items rather than pay cash.

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The Secrets of Renting Your First Pad

Do you know the answers to these questions? (If you don't, you're not ready to rent!)

  • What's the difference between renting and leasing, and which should you do?
  • Planning on sharing expenses with a roommate? Who signs the rental or lease agreement? You or the other person? Does it matter?
  • How do you know if an apartment is right for you?
  • What's a "sublet" clause? And do you need one?
  • Did you know you could still be liable for paying the rent after you leave an apartment?

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