FoolProof Tips for the College-Bound

gen_y_collegeboundBy Will deHoo

Get off on the right foot when you hit campus this fall! Just follow our FoolProof tips to protect your pride and your pocketbook:

  • Do you know anyone who already attends the school? Connect with them, and if possible have them take you on a tour of the campus, before school starts in the fall.  Focus on learning your way around both the school itself and the areas around campus. Ask about any common pitfalls or campus scams that have caught other freshman off guard.
  • If you haven’t attended a regular college orientation, schedule one now! Many schools don’t require this any longer, but you’ll be glad you attended.
  • Short on money?Check into financial aid and scholarships.  At times last-minute and new scholarships come up.  Did you know there’s a tattoo parlor that actually gives an $1100 scholarship? (You don’t even need a tattoo to apply!)
      • Fill out this questionnaire at the “College Board” website to get a quick look at many money options you’ve probably never considered.


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Worried About Flesh Eating Bananas?

GY_6_11Check out this “urban legend”! There’s a rumor going around that there is a shipment of bananas out there that is contaminated with flesh-eating bacteria!  You can read all about it on the website.

Scam Busters is a site you’ll dig if you like to be savvy about new scams chasing your money. One downfall of the site is the enormous amount of ads that really intrude into the articles and alerts…but, hey, how can you argue with an advertisement for inhalable chocolate? (So you really can become a “chocoholic”!)

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How Do You Know When To Change Your Passwords?

FoolProof_GenY-PasswordArticleI’m sure you have seen recommendations to change your passwords frequently, especially if you use online banking, services like PayPal or eBay, or even a webmail service. Okay, you know it’s the wise thing to do, but it is also a hassle!

But it’s nothing compared to the hassle you’ll face if even one of your accounts is hacked.  So determine right now if you need to revamp your entire password list. Here are some pointers to help you decide.

You’re in trouble, if...

  • you use an airline frequent flyer password as the password for any of your financial accounts (credit card, bank account, account, etc.). Choose a new password for all your accounts. Millions of frequent flyer numbers are flying, literally, all over the Internet. Scammers know to try that password on any account they may have hacked.

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Scary Online Scams... This Episode: Car Buying!


Say you’re in the market for a used car, and you do your research well. Clever as you are, you check not just eBay or Auto Trader, but also Yahoo! Autos, Craigslist and independent web-ads for cars with the features and price that fit your budget.

Then suddenly you come across the car you’ve been looking for… for ages. And better yet, it’s thousands below the car’s wholesale value. Excellent!

But the car is in another state. You’d have to buy it sight unseen. And you’re leery. Why would the seller want to get rid of the car that cheaply? Is it in bad mechanical shape? Has it been in an accident? Stolen?

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