Planning on Working This Summer?

Think Outside The Box!

teen powerwashing drivewayThe summer of 2010 can be a tough summer to find a part-time job, if you’re still in school: plenty of college graduates can’t find work. Many businesses—even those that normally hire people in the summer—have cut back their staffs. And plenty of adults with years of work experience are out there pounding the pavement, too.

So, what can you do? Be creative, and be brave—that’s what! And be quick. April is nearly too late to pin down a job in many fields.




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Getting a Credit Card This Spring Or Summer?

Watch Out for These Tricks!

credit card selected from a stackBeen thinking about a new credit card? Think all credit cards are alike? If you think that, good luck. You’re going to need it!

A lot of credit card companies will tell you that new regulations just put in place make it easy for you to get the right card—and make it harder for companies to push you to get a credit card when you shouldn’t get one.

For instance:



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On Facebook? Read This.

checked no on a formOn Facebook a lot? Think what you put up and do there is under your control because you’re careful about what you share? Think again.

More than 350 thousand software applications1 now have unlimited access to virtually everything you post there. Don’t like that? You can stop all 350,000 applications from using your information—if you opt out 350,000 times (you have to opt out for each one).2

Unless you set every privacy setting carefully—which can take hours—millions (that’s right, millions) of companies and people now have access to key information about you—forever.3



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Campus Cards

two students standing at door to dormIn college, or going there soon? Here’s a rundown on the “Campus Card” many schools now provide students.

Campus cards are a jazzed-up version of a student identification card. Initially, these cards were used for meal plans in the cantina. Over the past few years, however, campus cards were assigned other uses:

  • The card virtually always gives you access to residence halls and other campus buildings.
  • The card may give you discounts on recreational facilities, books and school materials, sporting events, or even shuttles and public transportation.
  • In some states you may get a tax break while using your campus card.
  • At some schools, you can even use your campus card as an ATM card.


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