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Older? Are You Alert for These Common Financial Scams?


Scammers love to target older adults. What makes older adults attractive targets? They are more likely to have "nest eggs," own their home, and have good credit. Many are trusting, good natured, and willing to believe what people tell them. Scams targeting older adults come via the telephone, email, and even the front door.

While the scams described below tend to be targeted towards older adults, anyone can be targeted. So whether you are older or not, it’s smart to stay alert to the scams most active today.

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Do You Have These Important Planning Documents in Order?


If an incapacitating illness or accident were to strike suddenly, would your family (or other designated person) know where to find important documents related to your finances, health care, and personal information and assets?

An important part of managing all of your assets is making a plan that details what you’d like to happen in the future under various life circumstances. These range from illness or accident to death. This process is usually called "estate planning." And doing this planning is important whether you are young and just starting out or older and reaching retirement age. Even if you haven’t made a formal plan, you have assets and documents that ought to be organized for your use and so that your spouse, children, or designee can find them easily in case of an emergency.

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Are You Saving for Your Kids' College?

Tips for Success No Matter When You Start


In September, parents' thoughts turn naturally to school, don’t they? September is also National College Savings Month. Whether your child is 5 or 15, it’s never too early or too late to think about saving for higher education. Higher education at colleges and universities and technical schools pays off in higher regular and lifetime earnings and lower unemployment rates for most people. For example, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates than individuals with a bachelor’s degree will earn an average of one million dollars more over their lifetime than individuals with a high school diploma.

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What Do You Need to Know About Buying a House in Today's Market?


With low interest rates, home prices lower than in many years, and lots of properties to choose from, is now the right time to buy a home? It depends. The collapse of the housing market along with the resulting financial crisis has changed the home buying landscape. To buy a home in today's market requires patience, time, and finances that are in good shape.

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New or Used? What vehicle purchase is right for you?


Is it time to replace your current vehicle? Smart car buyers take their time and shop carefully. Before you head to a dealership showroom, lot, or online start with the following tips and then check out our FoolProof Car Buying Guide.

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Vacation or Staycation—Are You Getting the Most for Your Money?


Summer is here and for many people that means it's vacation time. Even if your family economy is still as sluggish as the general economy, you don't have to forego summer fun. And even if you haven't made plans, it's not too late to get the most for your money. Here are more than 25 tips on how!

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