July 2018

Airline Fees Make It Tough to Compare Deals on Flights
Shopping for airline tickets? Don't forget to comparison shop the fees too. This article from Consumer Reports can help.

Better Business Bureau Releases Study on Sweepstakes, Lottery and Prize Scams
While these scams tend to target senior adults, everyone should follow these tips to avoid them.

Donating Through an Online Giving Portal
Online giving portals allow you to choose from a list of charities. Before giving, check out the portal using these tips from the FTC.

A Guide to Parental Controls For Kids' Tech Use
This article from NPR provides some tips about the types of parental controls available on various devices.

June 2018

Too Many Facebook Friends? Use These Tips to Manage Your Network
Reduce your privacy risks by following these tips from Consumer Reports.

Cool Tips for a Safe Summer Trip
These summer driving tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can help you have a safer road trip.

Shimming Is the New Skimming
This article from the Better Business Bureau describes shimming and provides tips to help you avoid it.

America's Byways and National Traffic & Road Closure Information
Planning a road trip soon? These sites from the Federal Highway Administration can help you with your planning and during your trip.

May 2018

How to Recycle Old Electronics
If you have old laptops, phones, or other electronics, this article from Consumer Reports provides 3 ways to get rid of them.

4 Ways to Opt Out of Junk Mail
This article from Clark Howard describes 4 ways to reduce the amount of preapproved credit card offers, catalogs and other direct mailings.

Facebook Updates Community Standards, Expands Appeals Process
This article from NPR describes the changes Facebook is making to its content review policy.

When It's Safe to Shred Your Tax Records
This article from Kiplinger.com explains how long you should keep various tax records.

April 2018

Protecting your privacy online and off can be a struggle. These tips from Consumer Reports can help make it easier.

March 2018

Did You Freeze Your Credit? Watch Out for These Pitfalls
This article from Kiplinger.com describes reasons other than shopping for credit when you may need to lift a credit freeze.

How to Turn Off Location Services on Your Smartphone
These tips can help you protect yourself by determining who can track you through your smartphone.

Shopping for a VPN App? Read this.
This article from the FTC describes VPN apps and provides tips for choosing one.

Staying Safe from Cybercrime During Tax Time
This fact sheet from the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Identity Theft Resource Center has tips for identifying scams targeting taxpayers and steps you can take to stay safe online.

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