August 2013

Cheap Fixes for Beating the Heat Indoors
These tips can help you stay cooler this summer.

Can the Spam Texts (And Robocalls)
Here are tips to avoid being caught by fraudulent texts promising "free" gift cards or other items.

Mobile Health and Fitness Apps: What Are the Privacy Risks?
This report from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse describes the privacy risks posed by many of these apps and tips to help minimize the risk.

Verify U.S. Federal Government Social Media Accounts
Use this social media registry to make sure that an account is really managed by the federal government.

July 2013
This updated site has lots of ways to help you save on energy all around your home. It includes calculators, tips, and more.

Don't pay cash and other remodeling mistakes to avoid
If you're thinking about doing any remodeling, read this first.

Parents-Five Questions to Ask Before Your Child Downloads a Mobile App
Follow these tips to help reduce the privacy risks posed by some mobile apps.

The worst charities: Get information before you make a donation
Here are some tips to help you make sure that your donation will actually go to those who need it.


June 2013

Protecting Your Plastic from High-Tech Criminals
This article from the FDIC provides tips for keeping your credit and debit cards safe.

Debunking the Hype Over ID Theft
This article from Consumer Reports shows you how to protect yourself without using a costly service.

Who Has Your Back? Which companies help protect your data from the government?
This table and report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation shows which Internet companies keep you informed when the government demands information.

Got a minute? Tips from the FTC
Check out these short audio tips covering scam alerts, money & credit, homes & mortgage, health & fitness, jobs & making money, and privacy & identity.

May 2013

How to Opt Out of Receiving Facebook Ads Based on Your Real-Life Shopping Activity and The Disconcerting Details: How Facebook Teams Up With Data Brokers to Show You Targeted Ads
These articles from the Electronic Frontier Foundation explain what the targeted ads mean to your privacy and show you how to opt out of them.

A Parent's Guide to Playing It Safe With Kids and Cars
This booklet from provides information about the safety features in today's vehicles, installing car seats and keeping kids safe in and around vehicles.

Mobile Apps Gallery
Check out the mobile apps and sites offered by Categories include travel, news, business, medical, health and fitness, education, utilities, and reference.

April 2013

10 things online reviews won't say
Check out these tips about online reviews before you read any.

A Renter's Guide to Privacy: Top 5 Privacy Tips for Renters
These tips from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse's new Fact Sheet, will help you be better informed throughout the rental process.

Keeping Up With Kids' Apps
Check out this graphic from the FTC before downloading the next app for your kid.

Use Bluetooth? Protect Yourself from Hacking Scams
Protect the information on your phone by following these tips.

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