No-Brainer Tips: Safe Social Networking

friends looking at computerBy now, everybody (sort of) knows some of the negative aspects of social networking sites: your personal information is shared with many and privacy is pretty non-existent, if you haven't changed your privacy settings.

Has that stopped you or me from using sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the like? Of course not. Social networks are fun. But do total strangers and scam artists need to know every detail of your life? Probably not.


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What Can You Learn About Money From People Who Failed?

stack of $100 billsWe all know millionaires know how to make money. I've always wanted to know why most people don't become millionaires or don't succeed when it comes to simply having enough money to lead a stress-free and independent life.

Here are five key lessons I've learned so far from those who fail becoming millionaires:


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Weird But True Budgeting Tips

adding coins to savings jarColleges and graduate schools can be backbreaking when it comes to money. Why not get creative with ways to save more money and lessen that backbreaking load?

    1. Hang out with people who are careful with their money. Cutting your spending is easier when the crowd you run with is trying to do the same thing.


    1. Make one day a week a “spending-free day”. This sounds weird, but it will give you courage, and isn’t as hard as you think.

        • Make sandwiches for lunch and break out the Noodle packs for dinner. Invite friends for dinner, but tell them to bring their own eats.

      • Find a free way to get around. Use a bike, or bum a ride. But spend no money on transportation.


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Planning on Working This Summer?

Think Outside The Box!

teen powerwashing drivewayThe summer of 2010 can be a tough summer to find a part-time job, if you’re still in school: plenty of college graduates can’t find work. Many businesses—even those that normally hire people in the summer—have cut back their staffs. And plenty of adults with years of work experience are out there pounding the pavement, too.

So, what can you do? Be creative, and be brave—that’s what! And be quick. April is nearly too late to pin down a job in many fields.




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Getting a Credit Card This Spring Or Summer?

Watch Out for These Tricks!

credit card selected from a stackBeen thinking about a new credit card? Think all credit cards are alike? If you think that, good luck. You’re going to need it!

A lot of credit card companies will tell you that new regulations just put in place make it easy for you to get the right card—and make it harder for companies to push you to get a credit card when you shouldn’t get one.

For instance:



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On Facebook? Read This.

checked no on a formOn Facebook a lot? Think what you put up and do there is under your control because you’re careful about what you share? Think again.

More than 350 thousand software applications1 now have unlimited access to virtually everything you post there. Don’t like that? You can stop all 350,000 applications from using your information—if you opt out 350,000 times (you have to opt out for each one).2

Unless you set every privacy setting carefully—which can take hours—millions (that’s right, millions) of companies and people now have access to key information about you—forever.3



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Campus Cards

two students standing at door to dormIn college, or going there soon? Here’s a rundown on the “Campus Card” many schools now provide students.

Campus cards are a jazzed-up version of a student identification card. Initially, these cards were used for meal plans in the cantina. Over the past few years, however, campus cards were assigned other uses:

  • The card virtually always gives you access to residence halls and other campus buildings.
  • The card may give you discounts on recreational facilities, books and school materials, sporting events, or even shuttles and public transportation.
  • In some states you may get a tax break while using your campus card.
  • At some schools, you can even use your campus card as an ATM card.


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Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards!

woman choosing a credit or debit card from walletSure, credit cards can be a great way to have a financial safety buffer in your pocket, and they build credit pretty quick, too.

But everybody has heard of dangers that can come with credit cards if you're not careful, as well as the horrific statistics:

  • The average college senior has about 4 credit cards, but only 50% of those students have a job.
  • The average balance on these cards is $2,864.
  • The number of 18 to 24-year-olds declaring bankruptcy has increased 96% in 10 years.


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In Money Trouble?

woman holding empty walletOkay, this article is packed with ways to prioritize your spending and save money creatively.  But what if you’re reading those articles too late?  What if you’re already in deep trouble when it comes to money?

And let me define “deep trouble”— you’re so broke you’re thinking about singing for change on a busy street. Being 30 days late on some payments, a shutdown phone, bounced checks, or lights being turned off in your pad also describe “deep trouble.”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. People our age mess up all the time, and many ruin their credit in the process.





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The Top Ten Money Myths: How Many Have You Fallen For?

rejected credit application

As part of my job, I've spent the last four years talking to young people about money. I keep hearing these 10 money myths. How many have you fallen for?

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The Scoop on Credit Cards

13You've got big plans for the future: move away from home, buy a car, and be more independent. But have you thought about how you are going to pay for this? Do you have some money saved? Or are you planning on using credit cards to achieve your dreams? If you're thinking the credit card way, think twice. For most young people, credit cards can lead down a dangerous path, if used the wrong way.

Did you know this?

The average college senior has about 4 credit cards, but only 50% of those students have a job. So, how do these students pay their credit card bills? Many don't. At first, they may use one credit card to pay the other credit card bill. Then they just start "defaulting" on their bills. From that point on they go down a dangerous path that could eventually lead to bankruptcy.

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Cell Phone Scams!


We’re cruising along in the car listening to music. My buddy gets a phone call:

Last warning: your car insurance warranty is about to expire! Press ‘1’ to talk to a representative,” the voice says. Without thinking, my buddy presses “1” and looks lost while listening to what the person on the phone has got to say.

Wait a minute; he suddenly remembers he doesn’t even have a car!



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Job Scams!


So the economy is bad. People are losing jobs and are out of money… Sounds familiar?

So, let’s say you’re looking for a job. Here’s something you have to think about: being scammed in the job hunt....

Job scams are happening to young people around the country more and more, whether they’re moving out, or moving back in with their parents.





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Travel the World!


Have you heard this airline credit card promotion?

Sign up for our airlines’ credit card now, and we’ll give you a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the continental USA! Plus… We’ll give you 5000 bonus miles on top of that! Yes, these miles can be used to get more free tickets. The sky is the limit, and it doesn’t cost you anything either.

Let’s have a look at these claims!

They give you the 5000 free miles. But did you know 5000 miles is not enough to get you a free trip?



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